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Love your body ~ embrace the Kona Pilates difference©
 formerly at "Pottery Terrace"

Transforming lives in Kailua Kona since 2003

Aloha and Welcome!
At Kona Pilates we are so much more than simply a "Pilates Studio." Offering a wide array of sessions from athletic performance enhancement and fitness to rehabilitation after injury or surgery including Massage / Manual therapy, Pilates, GYROTONIC®, Body Rolling, and more.

Our private personal training sessions (one-on-one or duet) focus on a holistic and integrated approach to a strong core and body. We use tactile "hands-on" cues, modern anatomical science, along with creative visualization help you connect to the deepest core activation and movement possible. 

We draw from both Western anatomical / rehabilitation science as well as Eastern yoga / meditation / martial arts practices & philosophies to define our sense of deep "Energetic Core." 

By teaching our students to move from their deep energetic core, a free flow of energy occurs throughout the torso, arms, and legs, allowing the entire body to be engaged in each movement and exercise. 

Movement initiated from the deep energetic core, along with proper breathing, alignment, and sequencing, allows exercises (and daily activities) to become more efficient and effective ~ the true meaning of "Functional Fitness."

Why train with us?
Rather than working your muscles "mindlessly" at the gym or big group exercise classes (where attention to subtle detail is simply not taught), we offer personalized attention and the highest trained instructors in town. We'll teach you HOW to use your body with proper muscle firing, stabilization, and ease (even on a neurological level). You'll learn to utilize and strengthen your body from the inside out for a lifetime of ease, flexibility and grace. Be sure to watch the video over at the right for a great explanation of what we do.

Give yourself the gift of something truly life changing with a session at Kona Pilates. Learn to love your body by embracing the Kona Pilates Difference.

Mindful Movement and Massage Sessions at Kona Pilates will help you...

  • Improve posture: poor posture can lead to pain, headaches, and perhaps a sense of feeling older than you are. We can help you maintain or regain your youthful, light, upright mobility
  • Stiffness and tension in your joints and muscles can lead to becoming more sedentary. We'll help you create ease and grace in your body to get you moving.
  • Minimize the effects of arthritis and/or fibromyalgia
  • Eliminate back pain and neck pain/stiffness, create mobility in the hips and knees
  • Contribute to the prevention and management of Osteoporosis (increase bone density)
  • Strengthen your core while you align, stabilize, and mobilize your spine (especially important after any injury or surgery)
  • Build an evenly toned, supple, and flexible body with long, lean muscles (without bulk) that is less prone to injury
  • Rebuild and recover from injury, illness, surgery, or a sedentary lifestyle
  • Enhance your Golf / Tennis game or any athletic endeavor (weekend warriors to top pro athletes)
  • Experience an increase in WANTING to exercise
  • Decrease stress and blood pressure, while gaining calm mental focus and clarity
  • Sessions can range from focusing on enhancing activities of daily living (getting out of a chair without pain, easing work-related tension & stress) to helping you prepare for childbirth or your next marathon or surf competition
  • Most of all, you'll have FUN while you learn functional fitness skills you'll use in all of your daily activities and to support you in your fun activities
We also offer....
  • Post-rehab for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Cognitive skill building via mindful movement education
  • Whiplash recovery
  • We pick up where Physical Therapy ends
  • No-Fault Insurance for Massage / Manual Therapy
  • Meditation, Breathwork, and Chi Kung
  • Home program design (and sessions via skype)
  • Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

Love your body ~ embrace 

the Kona Pilates difference

Scientific. Anatomical. Mindful.

Expert Movement Educators.  

Our Philosophy...

Kona Pilates is an intimate boutique-style movement and healing arts studio created by a dynamic, highly trained, and passionate husband and wife team (Steve Von Hargett and Laura Crittendon). Kona Pilates is located in Kailua Kona on the Healing Big Island of Hawai'i. Our Studio, and our Kona Pilates Method®, have evolved from over 40 combined years of experience and training as both licensed movement/
massage therapists and educators. We have helped so many people overcome their complex "issues in the tissues" and chronic pain that had been previously misunderstood by western medicine and traditional physical therapy. Learn more about Our Owners....

Our serene studio is home to the full assortment of STOTT PILATES® and GYROTONIC© exercise equipment.

What we offer

Each session at Kona Pilates is as unique as you are.

More than simply a 'personal trainer,' or rehab professional, our instructors/therapists draw elements from a synergy of traditions, including: STOTT PILATES®, GYROTONIC®, Yoga in Motion (GYROKINESIS®), Yoga Therapy, Body Rolling, Fascial Fitness, Chi Kung, Meditation, Breathwork, and Dance. Our goal is to create an integrated and holistic custom program to increase core strength, alignment, and flexibility, along with re-educating of the body's musculature, fascia, and movement patterns. We strive to meet and exceed each individual client's specific goals and needs. We meet you where you are, and teach you how to get where you want to go.

In addition to movement arts, our Manual / Massage Therapy sessions help release long held dysfunctional patterns in the body (muscular, boney, fascial, neurological, and more). Massage dove-tails beautifully with our Movement Arts sessions allowing your body to return to its natural state of balance, alignment, ease, and grace.

Hear what our clients have said...

We also proudly teach the Pilates instructors of tomorrow with our world-class Comprehensive Teacher Training program.   Learn more about the Kona Pilates difference...

Sessions offered...


At Kona Pilates our focus is on you! Your goals, your needs, your energy level for day. To keep our superior levels of service high, we offer solely private and duet sessions (as well as small group classes as the beach).

For more information about Pilates, GYROTONIC, Yoga in Motion, and Massage...click on the appropriate photo to the right.

All Sessions are by appointment

and many are available now via Skype!

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No matter your fitness/wellness goals, we are here to assist you on your Journey.

One of our client's stories....

"Pilates is THE best thing I have EVER done for myself. I am a classic type A personality. My mind is buzzing from the moment I get up until I fall asleep at night. My poor posture was creating pain and headaches, and the idea of "quieting my mind" to reduce stress was something I could never do. Until now. I had read that some of the benefits of Pilates was mental focus and improved posture. I was curious. But it was my girlfriend who purchased a gift session for me that finally got me to go into Kona Pilates. I am forever grateful that she did.

Focusing on all of the Pilates principles while simultaneously performing slow, controlled, and precise exercise movements was just what I needed. It takes mental focus to perform the exercises properly, so when a work thought would come up, I'd lose my Pilates form. From my very first session, I noticed that after the hour it was as though I had experienced a mental health vacation, with the added benefit of stretching my muscles, building strength in my core, and my posture has already improved. I now look forward to my Pilates lessons and really feel the difference when I miss a session. Thank you!!!"


Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Laura and Steve (pictured above) with advanced work on the Cadillac

What makes training at Kona Pilates different?

Steve and Laura have trained (and continue to train) extensively in Contemporary and Rehabilitative (or Clinical) STOTT Pilates, the Australian Method of Spinal Stabilization™, and Massage/Manual Therapy for over 25 years and nearly 10,000 hours of education. We bring this advanced training into every aspect of our work: Rehab, fitness, athletic training, Yoga, Body Rolling, GYROTONIC exercise, and into our teacher training program. This video sums up nicely how we approach our work. Enjoy!



Styles of Sessions Offered...

STOTT PILATES focuses on integrated core strength
The Art of Exercising and Beyond

Massage & Manual Therapy
No Fault Insurance accepted
Bodywork is a necessity for todays stressful world

(Yoga in Motion ~ by the Sea)

Experience one of our Gyrokinesis or Yoga classes today!

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