Yoga, Body Rolling, Chi Kung, & Dance Offerings
We understand that not every client wishes to train on the equipment. Many clients enjoy learning a practice they can also do at home or on the road, and still some are simply looking for a great Yoga class. In addition to offering these sessions at the Beach or in the studio, we can also bring these classes to you at your home, another "sacred Site," and even via Skype! Email Laura for more info.

With this idea in mind, we are happy to offer you these unique Yoga, Chi Kung, & Dance offerings:  


GYROKINESIS® (Yoga in Motion~ by the Sea)  

Tuesday mornings    8:30 - 10:00am

Class is held at Pahoehoe Beach Park  

Join us as we Sway with the palm trees, Breathe and Undulate with the ocean waves, Cultivate and Move our energy, Create Freedom and Space in our bodies, and Feel Fantastic!

This amazing class is a unique blend of three of Laura's favorite disciplines: Kundalini Yoga, dance and Tai Chi/Chi Gong. This flowing "Yoga in Motion" class is designed to awaken your senses, help you move energy, mobilize your spine, lengthen your muscles, build strength without bulk, and find beauty, grace and ease in movement. Each class has flowing movements combined with the breath and a focused intention on freeing, cultivating and moving life force energy (chi or prana) along with creating more spaciousness within the body, joints and muscles and moving with grace and ease.

"Laura: You are a beautiful person, strong & wise. You are a great teacher. Thanks for all you have shared with us. Most of all, you are an inspiration. It's incredible to see someone living in dharma and making their dreams coming true. May much more joy come to you in the years to come."  -- Bethany D.

The first part of class is generally taught seated on stools (although it can be adapted to begin on the floor). The stools allow for ease in the hips as we mobilize our spines, shoulders, and legs. The second part is more like traditional Kundalini Yoga performed kneeling, seating, standing or laying on a mat. An experience not to be missed! 

Check out this article in Prevention Magazine on GYROKINESIS® exercise!

This class is appropriate for people of all ages and abilities with a reasonable amount of fitness. This class is not recommended for those just returning to exercise, for those rehabilitating an injury, or for those with limitations (e.g., cannot kneel, cannot move arms above the head). For those new to or returning to exercise, we recommend beginning with the core strengthening and stability of our Pilates sessions (especially where pain or limitation exist).

All one needs is an open mind and the willingness to get into "Yoga in Motion." Unlike traditional Hatha Yoga, GYROKINESIS® poses are not held. Rather we move from one pose to another, mindfully, focusing on the breath and energetic movement in the body. Modifications for the various movements are offered so that the work may be adapted for each individual's needs.

Important: Please call or text Laura at 808.756.1628 and let her know if you are planning on attending class. Also in your message, let Laura know how tall you are so she can bring the appropriate sized stool for your use. Please bring a yoga mat. If you do not have one, we have mat rentals for an additional $1. Mahalo!

Rates: $15 drop in, packages also available.  If paying at the beach, exact change is greatly appreciated.

          Mat rental $1

Join us. Move your body, move some energy, strengthen and lengthen, and awaken to the possibilities!

What are the benefits?


  • A natural way to counterbalance the stress associated with today's way of life
  • Improves overall well being
  • Improves posture
  • Helps to control body weight and sculpts the body
  • Increases strength and flexibility
  • Releases stress and tension while energizing the body and clearing the mind
  • Is fun to do and everyone can do it!
  • Improves joint mobility and range of motion
  • Increases circulation, energy and cardiovascular health
  • Increases awareness of mind-body connection
  • Freedom and joy of movement
  • Focus is on the energetic perspective of the body
  • Follows the natural energy lines (meridians in the body) building internal and external strength through organic motion
  • Rehabilitates injuries and their compensation patterns and is useful as injury prevention
  • Increases stamina, immune system function, and helps to arrest the aging process
  • Builds functional strength which leads to improved athletic performance
  • Improves coordination and balance
  • Complements physical therapy and rehabilitation programs
  • Harmonize body, mind and spirit

GYROKINESIS® ("Yoga in Motion") classes are a great complement to our GYROTONIC® and Pilates programs as well as other movement arts (especially Yoga and Dance) and even Massage.  Learn about the History of GYROKINESIS.

"Magical Bubbles at the Beach"

photo by Amanda Gisele

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All of our Yoga & Dance offerings are also available at your home or "sacred site." An additional fee for travel time and distance will be added to our regular private lesson rates.

 Pin Up Burlesque &

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance:

Connect to your Inner Goddess, Release your Inner Vixen

Express Your Inner Goddess. Elevate your Vibration. Embody your Temple. LOVE your body. Explore your Realm. ~ JourneyDance

Private in-studio Lessons (as well as private group sessions for up to 8 participants) are now available. Group sessions are SO MUCH FUN for celebrating Engagements, Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Feeling Fabulous Birthday Celebrations, and more.

Please click HERE to schedule


Learn to LOVE your body as it is in this very moment! Learn the Art of Burlesque & Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. 
In is a unique program (designed by Laura) combining elements of Yoga, Pilates, Dance Conditioning, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and Classic Burlesque. You'll learn how to channel your inner vixen, LOVE your body, learn to play with props like feather boa and satin gloves, and feel totally empowered. Every woman needs this!!!!

As a Professional Performer, Laura continues to study with the top Burlesque and Tribal Fusion Bellydance instructors in the world (as well as being a Pilates Master Trainer, Certified Yoga Therapist, and professional dancer for over 20 years), and brings this world-class experience here to Kona...for YOU!

Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or have two left feet, join Laura for a creative, refreshing way for you to feel fabulous as you channel your Inner Dancer while toning and strengthening your entire body.

No need to bare your belly if you don't want to. And with these sessions, you may find yourself wanting to show off your belly's awesomeness!


  • No-impact cardiovascular exercise
  • Sculpt your thighs, buns, hips, waist, and calves
  • Strengthen your core abdominal, pelvic, and back muscles
  • Create sexy shoulders and arms
  • Build supple muscles, lean lines, and graceful posture
  • Find muscles you never knew you had
  • Get fit and feel great
  • Replace stress and tension with Freedom and Joy!
  • Improve self confidence and coordination
  • Connect to your Inner Dancer and dance to your own inner rhythm
  • Move beyond the ordinary and Be Extraordinary!

I recently tried the Temple Tribal Fusion Bellydance class, and I love it!  The combination of stretchy warmup, skills, and aerobic sections really made this an incredibly well rounded workout and experience.  Way too soon, class is over and I leave floating out of the studio.  I've just recently gotten in to dancing, and Laura has a great way of gearing the class so there's something for the beginningest beginner to the advanced performer.  The body awareness (move THIS muscle) combined with the super fun Bollywood dances and traditional belly dance all make this class one of the best I've ever taken!  ~~ Teri

About Laura: Laura is a life-long dancer and passionate movement and healing arts educator with over 25 years of professional experience. What adds to her uniqueness as a dance teacher, is that she is also a licensed massage therapist, certified Yoga Therapist, Pilates Master Trainer, Dance/Movement Therapist, Professional Belly Dancer (Tribal Nouveau Devadasi), as well as a Principal Dancer/Artistic Director with Pin Up Burlesque & Cabaret in Hawaii (under her stage name of Miss Ginger Sassafras).

Laura is highly skilled at bringing her students both the biomechanics of each movement (working the proper muscles, rather than simply shaking your hips), a somatic experience (a felt sense or embodiment of the movement and awareness in the body), along with providing modifications to accommodate injury or limitation when necessary, while also creating a welcoming space that allows for safety, community, growth, exploration, collaboration, and FUN!

To learn more about Laura's professional Burlesque troupe, visit 
To learn more about Laura's solo Burlesque endeavors, visit
You can also find both on Facebook and stay up to date with our next Burlesque show or special event.

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Body Rolling 

"Body Rolling is a therapeutic self-care practice for mind-body centered practitioners and an educational tool used by massage therapists to empower clients to develop a deeper and more subtle relationship with their own bodies."

Many people are aware of the many benefits of foam rolling: increased flexibility, improved blood circulation through fascia and muscles, the breaking down of scar tissue—just to name a few. The foam roller treats the body as one whole muscle. And while the benefits of the foam roller are good, rolling on the ball is three dimensional and is muscle specific, allowing you to get in and around each joint (ie. hip and shoulder), and align each vertebra, creating space.

Body rolling is an exceptional way to increase relaxation, promote circulation, release tight fascia, and it's also a bit of a core workout. We find body rolling to be a great self care tool for our clients, both in the studio during sessions as well as at home or during travel. We also utilize body rolling in our Pilates Teacher Training program to assist students with experiential anatomy.

Improved posture
Increased range of motion
Improved alignment in all parts of the body
Increased muscle tone
Increased flexibility
Increased organ function

Body Rolling sessions may be scheduled as a stand alone hour practice in our studio, or simply inform your instructor you'd like to try  some body rolling as an adjunct to your regularly scheduled session at Kona Pilates. Your body will truly thank you!


Private Yoga Lessons/Yoga Therapy 

Creating Harmony of Mind, Body & Spirit

It is widely known that yoga can contribute in many ways to good health. Some of the best known benefits include:

 - reducing stress - helping to control back and neck pain

 - increasing flexibility, strength, and balance

 What is less well known is that the therapeutic use of yoga for a full range of health problems has had a long and successful history, especially in the East.

 Yoga Therapy is derived from the tradition of Patanjali and the Ayurvedic system of health.

 Yoga therapy treats the whole person, not just the disease. It is based on the fact that, despite the success and undisputed value of modern medicine, most healing results from the body’s remarkable resiliency and natural recuperative powers.

 The body’s recuperative powers and immune system can be supported or inhibited by our behavior and attitudes. Yoga Therapy seeks to identify and correct unhealthy habits and conditioning. This may be as simple as improving your posture or as complicated as healing a relationship.

 Even in cases where the underlying disease (dis-ease) cannot be cured, yoga therapy can still make a valuable contribution to the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of the person.

Is Yoga simply a physical workout?

 As our certified Yoga Therapist, Laura teaches more than the physical aspects of yoga. The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word Yuj (to unite). The original goal of yoga is to prepare the body (via physical practices) for meditation where the uniting our small ego-centered self with our true nature (our divine Self) can occur. For some of us, the real challenge is to be still, quiet and simply be with ourselves. Vinyasa Flow gives you the tools to help balance the demands that are put upon our body, mind and spirit. Replenish the source and you can live in a state of inner peace, vibrancy, health and harmony. This is truly the heart of yoga.

Assisted Spinal TwistYoga Therapy session is designed to align, strengthen and stabilize your body, focus and calm your mind, so that you may connect with your divine Self. Evolving from an esoteric blend of traditional Hatha Yoga, Viniyoga (the Krishnamacharya lineage), and Jivamukti® Yoga, Vinyasa Flow focuses on integrating breath and movement, awareness and alignment, self-study and deep listening, strength and flexibility in all realms (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Vinyasa Flow Yoga is likened to a beautiful and dynamic dance as the postures and asanas are connected through breath and awareness.

 Core Benefits

  • Promotes strength and flexibility of mind and body
  • Build core strength and awareness
  • Heightens coordination and balance
  • Helps to create mental focus, while calming the mind
  • Integration of all body systems: muscular, skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, energetic, emotional, psycho-spiritual
  • Reduces and prevents pain and illness
  • Heals and rehabilitates through a gentle and methodical approach to the body
  • Complements and enhances any sport or activity

Our Private Yoga Therapy Lessons are a Holistic practice for Every BODY!

Each 60 minute session is designed with your personal needs and goals in mind. ptions include: opening with chanting, setting intentions and breathing techniques. Sessions can include gentle opening sequences, a variety of sun salutation series, and varying additional sequences. We then softly unwind and close with deep relaxation and meditation. Each session is an opportunity to nourish mind, body & spirit while sharing in the support of skilled teacher.

Many beginning students ask if they should get in shape first before beginning yoga, or bellydance. Or wonder if they will have enough flexibility, balance, or grace to do yoga or dance. To this
we say...

... if you are breathing and moving your body mindfully, with intent and focus, you are doing yoga & dance beautifully.

Join us on the Path of Yoga and/or Dance today....

        Make a reservation  

All of our Yoga & Dance offerings are also available at your home or "sacred site." An additional fee for travel time and distance will be added to our regular private lesson rates.


Yoga Flow for Your Soul  Yoga Flow for Your Soul™ (Vinyasa Flow Yoga)

Please note: Yoga Flow for Your Soul is currently only available as either a private lesson OR it can be booked as a private class for you and your friends. Simply inquire with Laura. Mahalo!

Open your heart, connect to Spirit. gain flexibility, strengthen your core, focus and calm your mind, and feel incredible!

Yoga Flow for Your Soul ~ All Levels is Laura's unique synthesis of yoga styles including Jivamukti, Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Viniyoga.

Transcend the boundaries of  "static" Yoga by joining one of our unique flowing classes. Each class is taught to music (to stir the soul), evokes a sense of the sacred (move from ordinary to extraordinary), focuses on the breath and energetic movement, and incorporates flowing movements to offer the mind, body and spirit a life-changing experience as we step out of our old energetic patterns and open and create new beneficial ones.

"Music and movement find their way into the secret places of the soul."
~ Plato

Each class opens with breathing exercises, centering, setting intentions, and chanting. We then move into groups of flowing Vinyasa sequences (linking intention, breath and movement) set to music (designed to stir your soul). Each asana we move into and through can be modified so that your body, mind, and spirit experience the opening and grace of Yoga (sukham = ease) versus straining (dukham = dis-ease) your own personal limits for a particular day***. These classes include a variety of Sun Salutations, standing poses, core strengthening, and more! Classes complete with a total relaxation experience and easy centering meditation.

Join us. Ignite your Inner Flame and get your OM on

Classes are appropriate for all levels of Yoga practitioners from those new to the practice and for those who have been on the path for years. No two sessions are the same, as each day we ourselves are different and Laura teaches from an intuitive place allowing this ancient wisdom to flow through guiding each class.

"The gift of yoga and body awareness that I have received from Laura is a joy to experience.

Thank you for being a true teacher."    -- Lisa K.


All of the Yoga that I teach is centered upon four main principles: focus your mind, listen to your body, honor the present moment, and BREATHE. I do not teach power yoga or gnarly physical grueling yoga. I see Yoga as a pathway to connecting with your inner self, your inner wisdom, and calming the chatter in our minds.

Rather than relying on Yoga props or eliminating asana (postures), I believe in teaching you how to adapt each Yoga Pose to suit your needs in the present moment and to learn which asana and other yoga practices best serve you and your needs. Learning to be in the present moment and experience the wisdom of your body is one of the amazing gifts of Yoga, and turns your Yoga practice from a physical workout to a moving meditation and way of living your life. Learn more about Laura's Philosophy on Yoga.

***While I do not consider my yoga classes to be "easy" I also do not teach a "gentle" yoga class. With this is mind, this class is NOT appropriate for those students with an active injury or with a limitation (e.g., cannot kneel, no pressure on hands/wrists, limitation in range of motion due to an injury or illness).  If you aren't sure, please contact Laura at 756-1628 and together we'll decide if this class is an appropriate choice for you!

Many students, who are new to Yoga, have begun their yoga journey with a single private lesson with me. We'll go at your pace, explain things in greater detail than a group class, answer your questions, modify the poses just for you, and create a strong and confident foundation for your yoga practice.

Notes:  Please bring clean feet, a yoga mat, small hand towel, and water bottle (with lid) for your personal use. (We offer complimentary borrow mats and towels as well as fresh filtered water.)

Yoga Flow for Your Soul is taught to music (to stir the soul) and by candlelight (to ignite a sense of the sacred)